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The Bayanihan Project
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  • The Bayanihan Project
    2013-11-25 21:00:17

    Artist Profile! Jess Harlen. Check out her amazing track "I Go"

  • The Bayanihan Project
    2013-11-19 06:54:24

    The Bayanihan Project compilation album will be available this week! For the meantime, check this preview!

  • The Bayanihan Project
    2013-11-18 17:13:51

    Please share!

About This Cause

TBP is a project of Jorel Corpus, a record producer and engineer from Manila currently finishing up in Berklee College of Music.

Hey Guys! As you all know, the Philippines was devastated by a super typhoon about 2 weeks ago. So im launching a fundraiser called "The Bayanihan Project" and try to raise $20000 by January 1.

"Bayanihan" is a unique filipino event of a community moving an entire house when people want to relocate, (houses were traditionally built on stilts) and it has long been a symbol of teamwork, community, unity and Filipino spirit. We thought that it would be a great name to brand this venture because what we are about to do is exactly living that spirit.

The Philippine Government has accounted that of the $300 million needed, about $200M have been met thanks to all the different countries who have lent and given their support. I want to try and help first and foremost because i feel like its a burning duty of mine as a Filipino citizen to try and pitch in as much as i can and while i'm lucky that none of my direct family and friends have passed away nor were affected heavily, there are people whose cities were leveled, whose local government and police force were destroyed, whose children, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends have died and are still lost or lying around somewhere undiscovered.

While aid from foreign countries and the private sector have been amazing, and quite miraculous if you ask me, it is still a long and tedious process, some of the areas heavily affected are having trouble getting help because either they're remotely located (7,107 islands in the country) or because the roads are impassable. Point being, we still got a long ways to go before we can restore balance and a stable way of life.

Having said that, this fundraiser will go straight to the Red Cross specifically for that cause, so please help me pitch in this small amount and contribute!

100% of your donations will go to the relief operations.

People who donate will be given an amazing album as a gift featuring beautiful tracks that by these great artists who all support the cause!

Alice and the Glass Lake
Altered Tensions (Matt Lange)
Kerry Leva
Isis Lune
Mals Totem
Felipe Mejia
Jess Harlen
Elsa Y Elmar
Mateo Lewis
Aleksandra Denda

This is a small gift of gratitude for the help that you will give to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. YOU WILL LOVE THIS ALBUM. Its an amazing mix of Electronic, Indie Pop, Glitch, Folk and Rock. All handpicked from a bagful of submitted tracks by people all over the US!

you can preview them through

Thank you for your time! And please help me link this to people!

FACTS FROM NBC: (Soon to be Updated)

13 million people have been affected by the typhoon, according to a situation report by OCHA on Saturday. The Philippine government says 9.8 million have been affected in 44 provinces, 539 municipalities and 56 cities. Of those affected, 4.9 million are children; 1.5 million are children under the age of five who are at risk of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM), a measurement of nutritional status used to assess the severity of a humanitarian crisis.

The U.N. said Thursday that the death toll from the monster typhoon had reached 4,200. The Philippine government disputes this figure and has reported 3,637 deaths as of Saturday, up from 2,360.

12,501: The number of individuals injured, according to the Philippine disaster council.

1,186 are still missing, according to the council.
3 million people have been displaced, with 371,000 people currently living in 1,086 evacuation centers and 2.7 million people displaced elsewhere. Over 70 percent of the displaced are in the six adjacent provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros.

2.5 million people are in need of food assistance, according to U.N. estimates.

Tim Shenk, spokesman for Doctors Without Borders, said that stems in large part from “severe logistical difficulties” preventing aid from reaching many in need of medical care or other assistance.

360,000: The number of pregnant and lactating women who need specialized services for prenatal, postnatal, child health, health promotion and family planning services.

494,611 homes have been damaged following the typhoon (248,176 destroyed and 246,435 damaged), according to the disaster council.

"In Guiuan town, every single roof has been blown off in a town of 45,000 inhabitants," Dr. Natasha Reyes, emergency coordinator in the Philippines with Doctors Without Borders, said in a statement. "Half of the city's hospital has been destroyed - no roof, destroyed electricity equipment, etc. It used to be a 50-bed facility with X-ray, operating theaters, everything. The wind destroyed the concrete."

628 schools sustained damaged, excluding in Eastern and Western Samar provinces, which have not reported yet, according to OCHA.


$300 million: The amount the United Nations appealed for the Haiyan Action Plan to provide supplies and services to those affected by the typhoon.

So far, $81 million has been contributed by donors, including United Nations member states and the private sector, including more than $20 million from the United States.

Click here to help this cause go viral now!

The Bayanihan Project

Contact me
Filipinos from Boston who want to help out in the Typhoon Haiyan situation in the Philippines.
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